5 Simple Steps to Effective Fax Marketing

Marketing through the use of fax messages is not an uncommon practice among businesses.  Fax machines have been used since the early part of the 20th century, and have then been utilized in sharing documents especially flyers and ads.  Today, fax marketing is still counted as an effective means of advertising, and has been developed into a more convenient process with the use of the Internet.  Unlike emails, fax messages are printed out and reach the hands of the recipient once they are received, so there are better chances of being read and noticed.

With this, the question “why fax messages are still used despite the availability of emails” is answered.  But if you already have the tools and the equipment, can you actually bring fax marketing into your own hands? Yes.  Do you really need a third party that specializes in fax broadcasting for business marketing? No.  Although advertising is a form of art that is an endless learning process, fax marketing can be summarized into the following simple steps, which you can easily follow to avert extra expenditures on third party fax broadcasting services.

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  • Bring together and list down fax numbers from publicly offered sources such as directories, online listings, and the like.  Only those who give out their fax numbers to the public are open to spontaneous fax messages.  You can include those who have provided their fax numbers on your website’s information sheet and have agreed to receive fax messages regarding updates and other related information.
  • Place them in an excel sheet and arrange in such an order that potential customers, loyal customers and specifically targeted groups (for particular products or services) are together.  You can also identify other categories for groups of people that you think will benefit or become interested in the same ad.
  • Create messages that are designed to suit particular needs (for each category listed in your excel sheet).  For new and potential customers, make sure to clinch their interests and entice them to purchase your products.  For those who have been loyal patrons of your business, you can give discounts and updates on new products that they may be interested in purchasing.  Use large fonts, less graphics and catchy words and phrases that will make people WANT to do business with you.
  • Make a schedule for sending out online fax messages according to the availability of the recipients.  You can send out messages for each category at different times to avoid being confused.
  • Send at most one (1) fax message to each customer or client per month.  Sending too much brings higher chances of ending up in a garbage bin that being read by customers.