How to Advertise Your Small Business through Facebook

Advertising is not only a fundamental strategy to help small businesses grow and develop.  It is an art of promoting through different creative ways, including the maximization of resources that will largely contribute to the efficient and cost effective marketing strategies of your business.  Ideally, advertising for small businesses should be done at a minimal cost, since they are yet to afford the use of the mainstream media like television ads and magazines.

Small businesses need to prioritize expenditures to ensure profitability.  This equally says that you should know the many options you have in terms of advertising and promoting your products and services.  One big example is the use of online social media sites such as Facebook.  Here is a quick guide for those who want to take advantage of the world’s top online community for their small business.

  1. Pinpoint your goals.

Do you want to sell? Or are you focused on gaining a reputation first? By listing down your goals, you can be sure that the next steps will be beneficial for your business and not a waste of time.

  1. Set up your Facebook page with a vanity address.

A fan page, separate from your personal profile and groups, allows people to become fans of your business and “like” it to show their support.  It also allows you to adjust your address so it becomes a vanity address, showing your business’s name or acronym, which creates a better name recall for new and potential customers.

  1. Start with a sure crowd.  Ask family members and friends to become fans.

Since you are just starting to develop your business, it is a given fact that only a few people know about it at this time.  Maximize these people, and ask them to become fans of your Facebook page.  Family members and friends can play a big role in spreading out “the news” about your business.  They can ask their friends and share your page on their walls to let other people know about your business.  For specialized types of businesses, such as maternity shops, you can limit membership to women or focus on potential customers.

  1. Add images, valuable information and ask for positive comments.

People won’t be interested on your page if it does not contain valuable information that they can make use of.  Make sure to add photos of your products or services, and provide important details like prices, time, etc.  Encourage loyal customers to share positive comments on your wall, and perhaps photos of them using your products, to entice other people.  By giving out freebies or starting a contest for shared photos, you can be sure that your customers will share their good experiences on your page.

  1. Update with new images, videos and information.  Interact with users.

When a person is already a “fan” and has gone through every little detail on your page, that person will look for something new every time he or she goes back to your page.  Always make time to update your page so that people will know that you are still doing business.  You can upload images, videos, links and other related information on your page.