Keyless Locks (Corporate/Office)

Offices require a lot more security than homes and other establishments mainly because they house sensitive data and information. Security breaches are a cause of great concern for organizations. Loss of data, intellectual property and key assets due to theft can cost millions in lost revenue. Keeping everything behind locked doors and trusting employees to safeguard data end points such as laptops and mobile storage mediums is simply not an option if you’re serious about protecting your assets. Organizations all over the world are now shifting to keyless locks because of many important reasons.

  • Mechanical locks cannot be trusted because they can be tampered with and broken easily. Intelligent keyless locks can be programmed to call security if they detect tampering or intrusion. They are also a lot more difficult to break as compared to manual locks.
  • The keys for mechanical locks can be duplicated with great ease. Even if someone reports that a key has been lost, there is no way to be sure that it was actually lost and not stolen. The only way to ensure unauthorized access in such case is to replace the complete lock. Keyless locks can be instantly reprogrammed to work with a new PIN or key and reject any other key.
  • Frequently used mechanical locks and keys wear out fast because of repetitive use. Every time you insert the key into a lock, both the lock and the key wears out a bit. Keyless locks do not wear out because there is no mechanical locking/unlocking mechanism. Large scale deployments of keyless locks can save an organization a lot of money in the long run in terms of maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Central security and access control means less time is spent locking/unlocking the doors. Keyless locks can be programmed to lock and unlock automatically at specified times saving you time so your security personnel can focus on areas of importance.
  • The data stored on keys is encrypted to make sure it is not accessible to unauthorized personnel. Even James Bond will have a hard time cracking the encryption!
  • Keyless locks can double as foot traffic monitors and can be integrated with your attendance management system. Every employee can be assigned a unique key so movements within your office will have a traceable digital footprint which can be retrieved at any time from the logs.
  • While keyless locks make it difficult for unauthorized personnel to break in and steal your valuable data, they make it easier for authorized personnel to access areas of work.
  • Keyless locks are customizable to a great degree. They can be programmed to allow access to certain employees at certain times. This amount of unprecedented access control is impossible with mechanical locks.

Keyless locks have gone mainstream. It’s not just the Fortune 500 companies who use keyless locks. It is now an affordable technology that is used by thousands of small and medium businesses to improve the integrity of their security systems.

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