Online Fax Services

Several business enterprises have already said goodbye to the hectic traditional faxing methods. They have embraced the now popular online faxing system.  In the simplest of terms, online faxing is using the internet as well as the email platform to send and to receive fax messages.  Contrary to the traditional faxing system, online faxing system, has several benefits. The system is inkless, paperless, more secure, cost effective and easy to use.  Besides, with online fax system, it is easy to access faxes anywhere anytime as long as there is a steady internet connection.

Obtaining online fax services

The process is simple, but it fully depends on the services that your chosen service provider will offer. First, you must sign up with an internet fax service provider who will then a lot you a toll free fax number. The service provider will also give you an online interface or rather site where you can always access, send and receive your fax messages. Since your faxes will always be sent via emails in PDF or TIFF formats, you will have the option of storing them online.

Unlike, the traditional faxing system, the new online faxing system, does not require you to have a separate,dedicated fax line or fax machine.  However, it is extremely important for users to ensure that they have tied up with a reliable service provider. The service provider should be able to offer its customers 24/7 online fax services. This is simply because communication is a critical aspect of any business. Failing to communicate regularly with clients or people who may be interested in the business could prove to be extremely detrimental to the progress of any business.

Choosing the Best Service Provider

A good number of online fax companies (see here for fax service reviews) offer their customers at least 300 combined pages of both incoming and outgoing messages each month. The rates that these companies charge differ from one company to another. Some companies usually quote rates per page while others simply quote their rates in minutes. However, it should be noted that these are the market norms or rather trends in online fax services. There are some companies with better deals that are pocket friendly.  It takes a little bit of effort such as rates and price comparison to get affordable online fax services. This is the only way that you can be guaranteed of favorable terms that cannot compromise on the quality of your service provider.

Local online fax services are always cheaper compared to international fax services. Most online fax service providers offer 30 day trial period for their customers. Therefore, it is easy to choose the best company since you will have a grace period to decide if a service provider is ideal or not.

How the system works

Like already hinted, the system uses the internet. It is a simple step by step process that anyone can use to send and receive faxes. A user has to attach any type of document that he or she wants to send via fax to an email. The documents can be created using scanners or software application like a word processor. The message is then sent and received by the internet fax provider before the receiver can access it.

For the receiver to receive the internet fax, the sender must address the fax number to the Number that the receiver obtained upon sign up.  In other words, the internet fax provider will first receive the fax, decode it then send it as an image file to the receiver’s email address.  There is nothing complicated at all.

Amidst all these advantages, it is important to note that online fax services have their own disadvantages. For instance, if you are the receiver, your computer must be turned on as the online fax service software has to be running. Fortunately, this disadvantage can be avoided as there are some online fax services that are free and do not require the use of such software. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages by far. Therefore, you have nothing to lose but everything gain when you choose online fax services. After all, everyone is now turning to it so it would be outright retrogressive to stick to the traditional faxing system which is slowly dying.